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Clarification of expectation and framework for REQUIEM

This is a standardized template for how to approach the making of REQUIEM. The idea is to make a 5~ minute section exploring the intersection between ourselves as collaborators, our culture, and our practice. The purpose of this format is not to make something uniform.

1. Introduction
Making sure this format is okay. Explaining the idea.


2. What are we looking for in this project?
Any preconceptions, ideas or wants? What kind of attitude are we looking for? What are our expectations towards each other?

3. Setup
What are our boundaries? What topics don’t we want to investigate? What feels like a comfortable situation? What feels like an uncomfortable situation you’d still want to participate in?

4. Ideas
Do you have any ideas at this point? Words? Associations?

5. Share a happy memory.
Preferably from before you moved away from home.

6. Share a story from when you had a hard time with your art.

Totally okay if that’s off topic (re: 2.).


7. Share from your experience of dealing with your culture/community where you have felt alienated or mistreated or not understood.


8. Have a conversation about if any of these topics have spurred creative energy.


9. Create something small together.

Preferably a back-and-forth process, building on the last thing the other collaborator(s) did.


10. Talk about what kind of technical needs we require.

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