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The Tenth of the Fifth Month of the

ecclesiastical year of Twenty-TwentyTwo 

at Eight Post Meridiem


In The Jazzatorium Performium Spaceorium


Magnus explains

Kyrie eleisson

Shara Lunon and fierce competitiveness (also a referee cameo by Olivia Jones)


Zosha Warpeha and mending materials


Ezra Gans and space relations

Graciously subbed by Eva Bottinga

Dies irae

Annette Berning and bitches

CLICK THE [LINK] (but not until you are told to!!!!)

Tuba? mirum

Magnus explains again


Julián Muro and being nervous


Marisa Tornello and the essential substance

(M)agnus dei

Oral Floral (Olivia Jones, Samantha Kochis, Sam Zagnit) and the Raiders of the lost Fort

Lux aeterna luceat eis, Domine

Magnus sums up?

I am so grateful for the collaborative

powers and the incredible warmth of:

Shara Lunon

Zosha Warpeha

Ezra Gans

Eva Bottinga who stepped in last minute!

Annette Berning

Marisa Tornello

Julián Muro

Olivia Jones

Samantha Kochis

Sam Zagnit

Every section has been created in a collaborative process. The goal was to facilitate equal creative power after being presented to a framework that each collaborator went through together with me. You can reed the prompt if you


Special mention to Ingrid Mossige and 

Kaare Wildkoch.

Thank you so much for coming.

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